Fortress Village - The Ethnic Minorities of Southwest China  
Project Team Members

Wu Pei-Hua

Wu Pei-HuaMy Master’s degree thesis explores the hunting culture of Taiwan’s aboriginal people, the Bunun. Because, during a long period of mountain climbing, I often encountered the push and pull between hunting culture and ecological issues, I developed an interest in understanding the significance of hunting practices in the so-called “modernized” world of today. After I graduate, I fully hope to continue research on Taiwan.

My unplanned entrance into the study of ethnic minorities in Southwest China has broadened my research scope. In the past, I limited my sights to Taiwan and believed that only topics relating to Taiwan were interesting or ripe for exploration. Due to my work with digitization, I have been able to visit areas in Southwest China occupied by ethnic minorities, and have discovered that the cultures in these remote regions are extremely varied and abundant. Moreover, the groups that live within these areas are closely related to groups throughout all of Southeast Asia. I have realized that anthropologists research peoples and their cultures and shouldn’t limit themselves to a specific region or area. If they experience this limitation, they will lose the opportunity of seeing or coming into contact with a greater variety of cultures.
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