Fortress Village - The Ethnic Minorities of Southwest China  
Project Team Members

Tsai Wei-chieh

Tsai Wei-chiehBy the time of the death of Chiang Kai-shek, I was a newborn. During recent twenty years, I am one of the witnesses of the process of democratization in Taiwan. Living in a postmodern era, I look forward to searching meanings in the context of deconstruction.

I am a man of cherishing old people and things. Although I transferred my interest of history to ethnology before, I still love history. In order to look after both sides, I have written a Master’s thesis about the Manchu cultural revitalization movement in the early Qing period from a perspective of historical anthropology.

When I was child, I liked simple and familiar things. However, after I studied history and anthropology, I have learned that everything once I thought it was simple and familiar is not ever simple and familiar. This makes me surprised and frightened. Recently, I entered this new terrain of Southwest China studies. Browsing the fragile manuscripts of predecessors, it recalls me the hard but graceful time. The elegant and exemplary conducts of the predecessors let me admire them. I have no idea what can I leave in the future. At least, I look forward to leaving something good for the “Village” website.
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