Fortress Village - The Ethnic Minorities of Southwest China  
Project Team Members

Pai Pin-Chien

Pai Pin-ChienMy research focuses on Han dynasty society, especially on the collapse of a unified imperial court at the end of the eastern Han period. My Master’s degree thesis takes eastern Han refugees as its central point of study, but also discusses various other related questions, including the influence on the eastern Han regime of Qiang-Han multi-ethnic settlements in the Northwest regions. If the information was not carefully culled from historical records, it might be hard for those who controlled the great eastern Han to believe that the dramatic changes of that period originated with their shallow understandings of an “insignificant threat” (the Qiang) in the Northwest.

Students in the Chinese Literature Department focus their studies on classical poetry, Chinese thought, or philology. Actually, I have always liked to look at history from a macro-level. It was probably destiny that I became a part of this project, and I have expanded my own field of vision regarding ethnological-anthropology in the process and managed to overcome various ethnic “boundary” stereotypes as well. However, in the past year (2008), I have often searched my conscience, asking myself: Where does the knowledge I wish to obtain come from? How and to what extent do I want to involve myself in cross-disciplinary studies? How much responsibility can I bear? Can I make what meager efforts I am capable of on behalf of Taiwan’s small scholarly circles?

As someone who has almost no experience with fieldwork, I know that there is much for me to learn in the future.
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